Changing behaviours in the society and aiming for a more gender equal relationship.

Jämställdhetskollen - The app
Jämställdhetskollen is documenting what the couples do within a month, measures, and shows the results in a graph, where it illustrates how the couples can improve their relationship and if the responsibilities is divided equally. It detects unhealthy patterns that causes either loss of money or other privileges in life, which is the main goal politically why we in Sweden work for a more gender equal society.

Design process
Research was done before anything else. Handsketch and mindmap with paper and pen. Prototyping and creating designsystems was completely done in Sketch. Used Adobe Illustrator to create design elements and assets.

 Since this was a school project (interaction design) where I was alone in creating this idea and app - which is a very special situation, I had to be creative and innovative when it comes to how I can test this prototype in an effective and fast productive manner.

Instead of mailing out a long list of questions to answer or arrange meetings, I came up with the idea to use my instagram account and involve my followers. This could probably solve my problem.

I made an Instagram story about this prototype and showed the users how it looked like, explained the idea and purpose of the app, and asked them for feedback and thoughts. Received answers from around twenty users within 24 hours which enabled me to iterate and redesign parallel with discussing and absorb thoughts and needs of the users. This resulted in how Jamställdhetskollen looks like today and how it works.

Easy to use, engaging and rewarding.

Product strategy

Digital Brand Identity
UI & UX Design
Content Development

Adobe Illustrator